MFOOT- online football manager 1.1.6


MFOOT-football manager online MMO. Sign up now to get your first football team.

MFOOT - the first football manager online MMO.

Do you think you can manage a football team?? NOW YOU CAN!
Just SIGN UP to become a football team manager!
Your team can compete with thousands of teams from all over the world.
This game lets you feel like a real football club owner.
Climb to the top of your mobile football league by winning the organized tournaments!
Join us now and possibly next National Cup will be yours!

You will hire coaches, trade for players and participate in international competition.
Additionally, our game allows you to:
- Choose any nation to represent your club.
•Each nation has its own particular game style.
•Each nation's players develop skills in different areas.
- View your team matches in 3-D experience like a real stadium!
- You can set players' positions manually before the game, or give your players specific assignments for the match.
- You can create your own team logo! Other teams will be jealous of you!
- Motivate your team in National Cup Competitions - WIN REAL prizes!

Sign up now to get your first football team.

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